News: Apple to Honor Warranty After Third Party Repairs

Time: 2017-03-09 22:31:02   source: admin

On Friday, February 24th, according to an internal memo sent to Apple employees, Apple will honor their manufacturer’s warranty even though the device has been worked on at a third party repair shop. Of course, the part that was replaced on the device by the repair shop would not be eligible for warranty. The rest of the device will still be covered under the original warranty unless damaged by the repair shop.

At Genius Phone Repair, an 18 location phone, tablet, and computer repair chain in the Midwest, we strive to make fans out of every customer. Apple’s Manufacturer’s Warranty has been one of our biggest struggles as we always do right by the customer and are up front with them letting them know their warranty would be voided once we open the device. Apple now honoring their warranty even after third-party repairs are done, is going to be a game changer both for ourselves and our customers.

This is a giant step in the right direction for Apple. Believe it or not, Apple cannot keep up with the current repair demands of its customers and for too long Apple has wanted nothing to do with other repair shops. What we have found is many of our customers are over two hours from an Apple store; this is especially frustrating when lead times for repairs can sometimes be over a week long!

Do not worry; this is no longer an issue! After getting your device repaired at Genius your phone can still be covered by Apple’s warranty, and you will also get our lifetime warranty on any part we replace in the device. Genius Phone Repair is an industry leader for ALL phone, tablet, and computer repairs and sales. We also offer same-day repair and 20 Minute Express Repairs and best of all, you don’t even need an appointment